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Switch to Propane – Switch to Wilsons Heating/Moncton Propane

If you’re using oil at home, it’s time to think about switching to propane. When you choose Wilsons Heating, you’re getting a dedicated team of experts who will be here for you from installation, through each delivery all winter long.

Propane – it’s not just about BBQs. Ask us about the range of propane products we offer:

  • Furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Water Heaters
  • Garage Heaters

Propane is an efficient, clean-burning home heating choice with many advantages:

Advantages of Propane

  • Availability – Propane is available in abundance in Canada. The infrastructure is in place to transport, store, and dispense propane safely and efficiently to Canadians.
  • Versatility – Propane has a variety of uses in any home and the ability to directly vent the propane exhaust through the side of your home makes propane appliances a viable and cost-effective source
  • Maintenance – Being such a clean-burning fuel, propane appliances require very little cleaning or upkeep – helping you save on maintenance costs.
  • Environment – Propane is insoluble in water, so it presents minimal risk to property soil and groundwater.
  • Safe – Production, storage, transportation and use are subject to strict standards and regulations. Propane is stored and used in sealed containers and fuel systems, and is only transferred from one container to another by trained personnel. Propane tanks are 20 times more puncture-proof than conventional gasoline tanks. The Propane Training Institute, a division of the CPA, issues more than 24,000 training certificates annually.

*Source: Canadian Propane Association, February 2021

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