SERVICE ALERT: Our clients may be familiar with the news that supply chains are experiencing challenges worldwide, and at this moment, that includes rail cars transporting propane into the Maritimes. This means that the supply of propane coming into the region has been delayed. We are taking measures to stretch the supply as long as possible. This means we will be making smaller deliveries and prioritizing emergency deliveries to our heating customers whose only source of heating is their propane furnace. We do not wish to cause alarm, rather, we wish to ensure that you are informed of the current situation. We would like to encourage you to conserve your current propane supply, as well as plan for alternate heating and cooking sources at your home or business for the duration of this supply disruption.

NO-CONTACT SERVICE: To help keep our clients and staff safe, Moncton Propane Services is continuing no-contact installations, service calls, and deliveries. Our team adheres to strict safety protocols such as daily monitoring for symptoms and potential exposures, wearing masks, and maintaining a minimum of a 6-ft distance from clients.

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Monday-Friday, 8 am - 5 pm. Come fill up at our Edinburgh Drive location! Social distancing will be respected. Credit and debit tap will be taken at the dispenser.


Financing options available!

Conveniently finance your home heating system up to $50,000. Some conditions apply.

Wilsons Heating: Delivering Propane Excellence in New Brunswick

Originally Moncton Propane Services, the Moncton-based branch of family-owned Wilsons Heating has been operating since 1996. Since joining the Wilsons family in 2017, our team in Moncton reliably serve customers across New Brunswick with residential and commercial propane delivery, equipment installation, and service. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency propane service. Learn more about our company!

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Propane, the Green Fuel

Whether you’re looking for a 150 million BTU liquid propane unit for your asphalt plant or to heat an army reserve toilet, propane is your eco-friendly fuel alternative! Propane may be green, but it’s not a greenhouse gas! Propane goes beyond exhaust emission requirements, and does not pollute land, water or air.

You Can Count on Our Propane Services

When you call Wilsons Heating, you can count on a prompt answer from one of our friendly local representatives. Because we are truly dedicated to our customers, our propane service is second-to-none.

We offer the following quality propane products and services:

  • On-Site Propane Dispensers
  • Fireplace Cleaning & Servicing
  • Deliveries (Automatic & Will-Call)
  • Propane Tanks
  • Propane Gas Service
  • Propane Appliance Installations & Service
  • Forklift Deliveries
  • Dispenser Fill-ups (20lb Barbecues)

Safe Propane Handling

At Wilsons Heating, safety is always #1. Propane safety begins with you, our customer. Propane systems are only to be modified or adjusted by qualified propane service specialists. One of propane’s great benefits is its relatively low flammability when compared to natural gas, ethanol and methanol. When handled appropriately, propane is a very safe gas, but improper handling or tampering may result in leaks and the potential for unexpected combustion. If you require service to your propane system, please don’t hesitate to call us. For emergency service, we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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